Hello I'm Rolling Sausage!

An indie developer who builds various tools to make your life easier

Who am I?

I'm Rolling Sausage (aka Dipping Bread), a Web Developer & Unity (C#) Enthusiast. I love to build variety of tools that are simple, performant, and beautiful. I come from Web Development background, but during my free time I experiment with Unity game engine and various Microsoft tools.

Laravel & PHP


HTML & Javascript & CSS




Unity Game Engine



Unleash efficiency through smart caching

Package implements Memoization techniques into any Unity project (built-in, URP, HDRP, custom render pipeline). Package allows you to cache any function's result and return a cached result instead of calling same function again next time it is invoked.

Download link
Memoization App

Audio & Microphone Recorder

Preserving soundscapes, one recording at a time

Simplistic recorder, which allows you to record your PC audio and microphone at the same time into a single file. Ability to record audio & microphone, audio only or microphone only. Great if you need to record audio calls, blogs or voice overs.

Download link
Recorder App
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